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Mototrails Limited has been incorporated specifically to organise this tour and shares the same board of directors as
Motopix Ltd 

Motopix Ltd as you may already know, love to capture the most awesome off-road motorcycle shots, and they thought taking pictures of riders on the most awesome dirt bike trails might give them the edge in framing ‘that perfect shot’.

So they asked themselves: where are those awesome trails?

Well, as one half of the Mototrails team is Khmer, they didn’t have to look too hard to find them.

With the lack of black-top roads, and a rural way of life that has remained virtually unchanged for the best part of a thousand years, Cambodia offers up some of the best dirt bike terrain available in the world.

So with the destination chosen, all that remains now is to fill those trails with riders that are up for a challenge, and so The Red Dirt Tour was born. Tim will be riding the trail with you, and when he’s not falling off, he will also be trying to capture you in action.

That way, not only will you have experienced a ride you’ll never forget, but you’ll also have an awesome shot or two to remind you of just how much you accomplished.

Mototrails would love you to be part of the tour in December. The tour needs a minimum of 5 riders to run, and is subject to a maximum of 12.

So get in early to guarantee your place on the ride you’ll never forget.






Incorporated in England & Wales
Company Number: 08580370

45 Shipbourne Road
TN10 3DS
United Kingdom

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