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Please note that any package holiday sold or offered for sale in the territory of the United Kingdom must, by matter of UK law, comply with the Package Travel Regulations 1992. This includes any internet based offerings, that are accessible from the UK.

Part of those regulations state that the seller must provide sufficient evidence of security for the refund of money paid over and for the repatriation of the consumer in the event of insolvency.

Mototrails Limited are committed to providing all its riders with a 100% financial guarantee from the moment you give us a deposit, right up until your itinerary with us is completed, so you can have peace of mind in the event that we (or any of our suppliers) get into financial difficulty.

To provide you with this security, we are an affiliated member of the PTS, the Protected Travel Service. As such all your payments are held in a trust account with the PTS. We also have Supplier Failure Cover in place with the PTS, to protect your money from any failure in our supplier chain.

To find out more about PTS consumer protection, how to verify our membership, or how to check that your payments are protected, please visit the PTS site by clicking here or on our membership logo above.

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Mototrails Limited are proud members of PTS.
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