1. Who can ride the Red Dirt Tour?

2. What accommodation can I expect?

3. What bikes are available?

4. Why December?

5. Do I need a visa?

6. Will I need immunisations?

7. What safety clothing do I need?

8. What kit do in need to bring?

9. When can I book my flights?



The Red Dirt Tour is suitable for riders that have some off-road experience, but you don’t need to be a Trail Blazer or Enduro competitor to take part.

Having said that, you may have to dig deep on some sections as your riding skills may well be challenged enroute, as we believe that the sense of achievement and confidence you gain from being ‘pushed’, enriches your whole Red Dirt Tour experience.

We take our duty of care to our riders seriously. With that in mind, The Red Dirt Tour has been devised to accommodate as wide a range of riding ability as possible, whilst keeping the ride as safe as possible for all participants.

The Red Dirt Tour is primarily a Trail Ride through the heart of Cambodia. We have tried to balance saddle time, routes and pace so that you experience the thrill of riding the terrain, without missing out on the incredible sights along the way.



The accommodation each night of the expedition is based on 2 people sharing a twin room (or double if you prefer). If you would rather have your own room, this can be arranged for an extra charge of $30 to $50 per night. This price may vary, and will be subject to availability at the time of check-in. This charge is payable locally on check-in US$.

We endeavor to source the best accommodation available in each village or town we stop for the night in. Accommodation in the main capitals of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap will have swimming pools, as will some of the resorts in the provinces. Accommodation is chosen on the basis of all-round quality and (inline with the whole Red Dirt Tour mission of immersing you in Cambodian culture) preference is given to family run businesses with Khmer character, rather than faceless corporate style air-conditioned boxes.



The Red Dirt Tour bikes are Honda XR250 electric start, Bajas or XR400s.

We consider these to be the best dirt bike machines available in Cambodia. They are well maintained, are kept roadworthy throughout the trip, and fit the bill exactly for the terrain, routes and distances that you will be riding.



Cambodian weather tends to be a little more reliable than that of good old Blighty. Through extensive local knowledge, we know that December typically offers up the most rewarding time spent in the saddle. The temperature tends to be the coolest of the year at around 25C - 30C, taking some of the heat out of the ride. As November heralds the end of the monsoon season, any muddy and impassable sections of bush and jungle trails have had a chance to dry enough to become passable once again, and the bush and jungle vistas are also still at their most vivid before the dry season has really taken a hold of the landscape.



You must have a Tourist visa to visit Cambodia (unless yo are from the exempt countries listed on the evisa site). Electronic Tourist visas are available online for US$37 ($30 visa fee, plus $7 processing fee) at evisa.gov.kh

Alternatively you can buy visas on arrival at most major immigration ports. The cost is US$30, but you must make sure you bring at least 2 passport size photos with you for your visa. If you don’t, you may face “administration” charges for having your photos taken.



As Cambodia is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, we advise you to take the advice of your local healthcare provider about vaccinations you should have prior to arrival in Cambodia, and what medicines you should take with you. We would recommend anti-malarials to deal with the potentially fatal threat from mosquitos, and we advise that you check as soon as possible that you are adequately protected from Hepatitis A, and Typhoid.



We do not provide riding gear. You must bring your own kit with you. The main reason for this is down to our duty of care to you, and your enjoyment of the experience. We know that people ride to their best ability, and enjoy their saddle time most, when they are comfortable.

If you bring your own gear, it will fit you, it won’t stink (unless you are a bit of a soap-dodger), it will be worn-in and something you are used to wearing and consequently you won’t be focusing on the negatives of wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable equipment instead of soaking up the whole experience you have come to Cambodia for.

There will be access to a limited stock of safety clothing if really needed (in the case where riders have forgotten to pack something), but we do not recommend using anything but your own kit. If you’d like further advice on what to bring, please just email us or call us on 07786 394001, with your specific concerns.



Crash helmet (ACU Gold Standard)
Please make sure your lid conforms to this standard. Cambodian Law states that you must wear a motorcycle helmet. Though this law is widely flouted by a majority of locals, your insurance and our duty of care to you dictate that you must wear your crash helmet at all times whilst riding your motorcycle.


Full length motocross / enduro boots – Your boots (aside from your lid) are probably the most essential part of off-road clothing. The most common injuries suffered by off-road riders are foot, ankle and lower leg injuries. Please make sure you bring a sturdy pair of suitable boots with you, as you will not be riding without them. Trials boots are NOT advisable.

Goggles are a must if you do not have a visor on your crash helmet, and to be honest are a must even if you have a visored lid, due to how dusty the trail can get.

Body Armour

Any other safety gear is down to your personal preference. We do recommend that you bring your own knee guards, body / back armour and elbow guards – but it is your decision. You will be riding mixed terrain, so body armour is definitely advised.


We will ensure that you have plenty of opportunity to stop and rehydrate during your ride, but we still strongly advise you to invest in a camelbak or equivalent and bring it with you so you can take on water during your ride, whenever you feel the need. Riding in tropical heat means you dehydrate quickly!



It’s up to you when to book your flights. However, as the Red Dirt Tour will only take place subject to a minimum of 5 riders signing up, we strongly recommend that you book flexible tickets that allow for cancellation. Please bear in mind that even riders who have paid a deposit can still pull out of the Red Dirt Tour due to unforeseen circumstances. You must agree that Mototrails Limited and/or its partners can in no way be held responsible for any losses you might incur due to the Red Dirt Tour being cancelled. With this in mind, you will be informed once the minimum sign-up has been reached, as we suggest you only book flights once that minimum number of riders has been reached.

We guarantee that none of your monies deposited with us will be used to pay suppliers until we have reached the minimum sign-up.




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